Changing Habits with Virtual Reality
Our mission is to help people improve their mental well being by reducing anxiety, overcoming addiction, and staying on track during their treatment and at home.
About Us

Lucid Care has developed a VR platform geared towards tackling the opioid epidemic. Our immediate focus is to help tens of millions of people learn skills they can practice daily to avoid relapse. We are a support tool for treatment centers experiencing the brunt of the opioid epidemic and mental health crisis.

Our team has years of experience creating VR healthcare solutions used by patients at Stanford, UCLA, and hospitals nationwide. We are pioneer researchers in VR and behavioral health, have strong technological backgrounds, are clinical experts in addiction and mental health, and veteran content producers.

Rebecca Mandel
Cofounder and CEO

Rebecca co-developed the first VR study at Stanford Children's Hospital to reduce anxiety for children before their heart procedures. She was a consultant to Stanford Psychiatry department and helped build their VR treatment lab. Previously, she led VR initiatives at Samsung Next. She founded a marketing agency in Israel for 5 years and has 12 years of experience in marketing.

Yahav Tako
Cofounder and CTO

Yahav built the first FDA approved VR product for use by neurosurgeons in the OR. He was the first employee at Medical VR startup, Surgical Theater. Previously, he led the development of flight simulators for fighter jets in the Israeli Air Force for 7 years. Yahav has a total of 16 years of experience and has consulted top medical companies in VR and AR in healthcare.

Jeremy Bailenson
Jeremy Bailenson

Founder, Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Author

Dr. Walter Greenleaf
Dr. Walter Greenleaf

Medical VR expert, Stanford, Director of Nat. Mental Health Innovation Center

Dr. Mario San Bartolome

Board Certified, Addiction Medicine, Specialist & Opioid Policy Advisor

Jody Belliveau
Jody Belliveau

Former Product at Walt Disney Studios, Jaunt VR

Renee Burgurd,
Renee Burgurd

Developed Mindfulness Programs for Apple & Google



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